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How To Give Good Head: As a guy, extra juice is not always what I look for. Each time bringing him closer and closer to climate when inside of you eventually when he is on the cusp of exploding inside of you quickly take him in your mouth and and keep him in your mouth think of it as practicing or getting him acustomed to being able to climax in your mouth. Just ease her into it. That seems fairly normal to me. How can I make my cum tasty for my man?

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Yes while he is cumming help him out a little bit by gently sucking on the tip of his cock.

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So if you notice that your boyfriend always breaks eye contact with you or gets uncomfortable whenever you try to make eye contact with him during oral sex or even during regular sex for that matterthen just forget about using this technique. I always give him oral sex and love it actually but he has never given me oral in return or even attempts to. Main Sex Positions Page 2. It might be an attraction thing heck it might be a sexual orientation thing. He says it feels like foreplay for him.

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